Technology integration – gearing

Gearing technologies on INDEX turn-mill centers for economical production of workpieces with external gearing and internal gearing

Production of gearing workpieces

Bevel gears

Spur gears

Ring gears

Thanks to gearing technology integration, INDEX turn-mill centers become gear-cutting machines and are thus ideally suited for highly productive manufacture of spur gears, ring gears, bevel gears or worm gears.

Two different manufacturing strategies allow you a variable use. Use the turn-mill center for mass production as a so-called two-spindle gear cutting machine. It is used in the manufacturing process for example as a pure gear cutting machine for large batch sizes, which produces two geared Workpieces simultaneously and synchronously on the main and counter spindle, thus reducing their cycle times. A double gripper is available for loading and unloading of the workpieces. 

If you need maximum flexibility, the turn-mill center is suitable for small and medium batch sizes as a complete machining center. Manufacture a bevel gear, spur gear or ring gear by turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting and deburring on a single machine completely from bar stock. 


Seek advice from our gearing experts also on such different process as bevel gear cutting, gear hobbing and gear shaping!