Bevel gear technology

Bevel gear cutting

Manufacturing spiral bevel gears from bar stock

Turn your INDEX G220, INDEX R200 or INDEX R300 turn-mill center into a gear cutting machine. With this technology, you can produce spiral bevel gears from the bar completely in one setup (front and rear end machining). The proven R series platform, which combines two five-axis machines in one, is an ideal base for bevel gear cutting due to its excellent static, dynamic and thermal properties. Part of our technology package is a special control cycle. Using this cycle, you enter the relevant machine data and correction data for the toothing. 

The tools used are special INDEX cutter heads with carbide inserts. Where you have previously required a special gear cutting machine, you can now use a flexible turning/milling center for production of your bevel gears from bar stock with a minimum of manpower.

Workpiece quality

  • Achievable accuracy up to IT5
  • DIN 3965/86
  • Modulus range: 0.6 - 4.0 mm
  • Deburring on the machine
  • Spiral bevel gears / hypoid gears


  • INDEX cutter heads with module-dependent indexable inserts
  • Axial and radial adjustability
  • Internal coolant supply possible: Oil or emulsion
    With up to 6 cutting edges for:
  • maximum tool life
  • optimum cutting performance
  • top quality

Machining steps

  • External rough and finish turning
  • Facing
  • Undercutting
  • Drilling
  • Milling spiral gears
  • Deburring teeth
  • Polygon milling & chamfering
  • Complete off-the-bar machining in one production run


  • Easy programming by parameters
  • Input of parameter and correction data via cycle directly on the machine control
  • On request, calculation of parameter data by INDEX


Case Study

Bevel Gear Technology at its best

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INDEX bevel gear cutting

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